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Mike's Hauling Pricing

Mike's Hauling Service offers affordable junk removal prices in the local area. Our trucks offer over 30% more space when compared to our competitors at a significantly lower cost. We use a volume based pricing system and include an hour of labor. To get an idea of how much space your items will require take a look at the diagrams below:

Mike's Hauling Sacramento load sizing
Mike's Hauling Sacramento  volume examples

The Other Guys

1 800 competitor

With a meager 14 cubic yards of hauling capacity, the other guys are far behind. You as the customer will be paying MORE for less the hauling capacity.

Mike's Hauling Service

Mikes Junk Truck

With 18 cubic yards of hauling capacity, we greatly exceed the competition. On top of that, we offer a lower price at each price point. You benefit as the customer by receiving more volume at a LOWER price.

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